Content Is the New SEO

“[Content marketing] is all the marketing we have left”

~Seth Godin

Well-written content helps give Google and other search engines something to crawl and, over time, can make a big difference in your search engine rankings.

We offer a custom content marketing package that includes the following:

  • Four (4) professionally written blog articles per month, 300-400 words each
  • We provide topic ideas that would work well for your industry (your input is welcome but not needed)
  • We will post each article to your WordPress blog
  • We will share each article on your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google My Business) with a back-link
  • We promote each article with a 7-day sponsored Facebook ad
  • We cross-post each article to your WhirLocal blog, which showcases it on your WhirLocal business profile and in the neighborhood newsfeed


  • WordPress website (blog)
  • WhirLocal Pro Account

Investment: $1500/mo.

Here's How It Works

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Onboard With Our Specialists

Step 3:

Improve Your Online Presence & SEO

So, get started today and improve your online presence and SEO with content marketing by WhirLocal.